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Since 2004

Urban Designer | Part 2 Architect | Interior Designer | Landscape Designer

Innovator | Creator | Maker | Artist | Illustrator


Feasibility Study | Urban Design | Masterplanning | Architecture | Interiors | Landscapes | Graphic Design | Product Design

“Enhance Space, Cultivate Story, Make Beauty” are the guiding principles for my services.

I hold a Master of Architecture (MArch) with Distinction from the University of Manchester (2018 – 2020) and a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) (Hons) equivalent in Urban Planning from Guizhou University (2004 – 2008).

My portfolio of practices and designed products spans across several countries and regions, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, France, Canada, the UK, Ethiopia, the Netherlands, and Guernsey.

With “Place + Product + People,” my ultimate goal is to create a place and product that people can truly enjoy.


The portfolio includes artwork selections from varied Media approaches Pen & Ink (Architecture & Illustration Drawings), Marker Pen, Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Watercolour Paint, Spray Paint (Graffiti & Mural Painting), Chalk, Digital Art, Photograpny, Physical Model, Video and Mixed Media. I also held and joined a few Exhibitions & Events to present my artwork.

A large collection of my works in the past two decades is now ready to be shared widely with the world in the forms of original pieces and art prints.

I am also taking a commission customise a special piece only for you.


A combination of training and practice in Architectural Design and Photography develops my skills in Architectural Photography: a unique insight into composition and knowledge of using the right equipment.

A large collection of my works in the past decades is now ready to be shared widely with the world in the form of giclée print or digital download.

Purchase a giclée print or digital download in my online store.


Architecture Drawing | Guernsey Market Place

This work takes 100 hours to complete all the details – 2024

Both original with signature & date, and limited Edition Giclée Prints in size A1, A2, A3, A4 are available in the store.


Watercolour Painting | Commission

“I love the composition and details that you captured.” – Regina (customer)

“This is the best gift that I’ve ever received, I’m so happy to have it in my house.”  – Linda (gift recipient, the woman in the picture)

This is a fantasy watercolour commission to illustrate Linda’s properties in town, of which one is “The Good Earth” Chinese takeaway.

I applied black ink to illustrate the outlines and story, and added vivid colour to express a dreamy sunset atmosphere in George St and Contree Mansell.

Oil Painting | Guernsey Castle Cornet

A new theme – “Guernsey’s Monuments and its Landscapes”

A stunning view of Guernsey Castle Cornet was painted utilising oil paints on canvas. The painting is 70cm x 80cm in size. The way that I stylised the landscapes to contrast the building and emphasise the warm light is to present the historic building in a unique way.

After numerous experiments, I’ve finally found the perfect tone for my artwork which takes me approximately 40 hours to complete.


Transformation of An Institution

The site model demonstrates an overall concept of generating a notion of ‘architectural redemption’.

As the white represents the old and the blue stands for the new, a vivid contrast emerges among the old Victorian pitched roofs and the new Barrel vault volume.


Projects are involved in the field of Feasibility Study, Urban Design, Masterplanning, Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Design, and Exhibition Stand Design.


Graphic Design

Custom Logo Design | Logo Ideas | Graphic Design | Business Branding | Brand Image | Digital Illustration | Visit Card Design


I customise a design to adapt your needs and characters, and enhance the opulence, elegance, and comfort of the space.

It is a time to transform your home, commercial, or exhibition space.

Illustration of Book Cover

Published by Routledge, 2023

Committed by Rael Meyerowitz, the author, for his psychological academic book named “Mourning and Metabolization: Close Readings in the Psychoanalytic Literature of Loss – Tavistock Clinic Series”.


Leverage green space for improving people’s wellbeing and enhancing natural environment; at the heart of Circular Design, Symbiotic Relationship, Sustainable Education.


Conwy Castle_Cover

Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle, Wales – 2022

This is for an limited edition original unframed print, created and edited by me, NATASHA K. HE.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre / Five Towns, Italy – 2022

Original freehand  drawing in size A3 is available for purchase.

Limited Edition Giclée Print in size A3, A4 are also available in the store.

Freehand Drawings

“I draw the places that I’ve been, it’s my personal memories.”



I am personally interested in psychological aspects, which could be often found in my works. An object of my works might look familiar at first glance, but the story behind is personal and profound.
Those objects that I have collected in my memory have been integrated into the characters or elements in my fantasy artworks.

Expressionism Portrait

“…I also love to manifest my vivid dream onto the canvas with mad colours.”

Portrait is an original and personalised gift for a wide range of occasions.

Commission | Portrait + Place

What’s the place evoking your good memories with your loved one(s)? A place you were born, a place you lived, a place you visited, or a place you had your first date…?

How about manifesting it into a personalized artwork from photo(s)?

Architectural Collage

I visit world-famous architecture and iconic buildings for my design inspiration. “